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Motion Launch is one of my favorite Sense 6 features on the HTC One M8. I can’t tell you how much I miss it when I’m using other phones. But like all good things designed for Android, there’s now a third-party alternative for other devices.

If you have a phone with an OLED display, then you can use Knockr to bring Motion Launch gestures to your device — and you’ll be glad you did.


Verizon has today unveiled a new family of Motorola Droid devices, including the Droid Mini, the Droid Ultra, and the Droid Maxx. The Droid Mini, the smallest of the three, prides itself of being “compact without compromise,” while the Droid Ultra is “all about thin.”

The Droid Maxx, which succeeds last year’s Razr Maxx, is all about battery life.


Still trying to choose which flagship smartphone you’re going to pick up this year? Well, if display is the most important thing to you, the Huawei Ascend D2 currently has the best on the market, according to the experts at DisplayMate. Steer clear of the Sony Xperia Z, though, because that has the worst.


Sharp has this morning announced a ¥10.4 billion ($112 million) investment from Samsung that will provide the latter with a 3% stake in the company. It makes Samsung the biggest individual shareholder in the Japanese display maker, and secures its access to Sharp’s LCD panel supplies.

The investment comes at a time when Sharp has been struggling. The company received a $4.4 billion bailout from the banks in October 2012, and its iPad display orders from Apple were recently cut as consumer demand shifted to the smaller iPad mini, which Sharp is not involved with.


Aside from slightly different form factors, today’s smartphones all look pretty similar; they have large displays that take up the majority of the space, and just a few physical buttons. But NEC is hoping to throw something different into the mix. The Japanese company has today unveiled the Medias W N-05E, a folding smartphone that has two 4.3-inch displays.