Knockr brings the One M8’s Motion Launch gestures to other Androids


Motion Launch is one of my favorite Sense 6 features on the HTC One M8. I can’t tell you how much I miss it when I’m using other phones. But like all good things designed for Android, there’s now a third-party alternative for other devices.

If you have a phone with an OLED display, then you can use Knockr to bring Motion Launch gestures to your device — and you’ll be glad you did.

Motion Launch solves one of the One M8’s biggest frustrations. You see, the handset’s 5-inch widescreen display makes it one of the tallest smartphones on the market, and yet HTC decided to put its sleep/wake button on its top edge rather that its side. This is a problem for people with small hands (trust me).

But it actually doesn’t matter most of the time, because there are several ways to unlock the device and use different features without actually pressing any physical buttons at all.


Knockr is completely customizable.

Double-tapping the screen turns it on and allows you to see your lock screen, while a swipe up takes you to your home screen. A swipe to the right takes you straight to BlinkFeed, and a swipe to the left takes you to your most recent app. You can also swipe down to activate voice dialing.

Unless you need to turn off or restart the One M8, then, you’ll rarely need to use the sleep/wake button at all. And now all of these Motion Launch gestures are available on other Android-powered devices, thanks to Knockr.

Knockr lets you double-tap your display to wake your device, and use different gestures to access different apps. You can also use the volume up button when in landscape mode to be taken to the camera app. All you need is a handset with an OLED display — such as a recent offering from Motorola or Samsung.

The reason why Knockr is restricted to OLED devices is that it actually leaves your handset’s display on all the time, allowing it to detect taps and gestures even when your device is locked. This would kill the battery on a device with an LCD display, but with OLED displays, black pixels require little to no power.

Knockr is completely free and available to download now from Google Play — just follow the link below.