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Makers of the Pressy Kickstarter project have given some good news to its backers. People who have backed this innovative little button will have their units shipped by the 28th of April.  The project which started off with a funding goal of $40,000 has now raised over $695,138 with 28,818 backers who have ordered more than 40,000 units, so it could certainly take some doing from the team to ship them out in time.

Xiaomi MiKey Main

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has announced a new user configurable hardware button which fits into the 3.5mm headphone slot of a smartphone. Users can assign the button to perform various functions with a pattern of clicks.

With its arms folded in, the Plinth hardly looks like a tablet stand.

With its arms folded in, the Plinth hardly looks like a tablet stand. Image courtesy John Bull

The Plinth isn’t just a super-compact tablet stand — it’s an amusing party trick.

Slide the sleek accessory out of your pocket or purse and into the hands of a friend and you’ll likely be met with a quizzical stare as they try to figure out what, exactly, the flat plastic object is. Thin, feather-light and somewhat curiously shaped, the Plinth — which currently exists only as a 3-D prototype, although if you’re quick you can get in on the Kickstarter campaign — looks something like a Chinese puzzle box or a Transformer in stealth mode.

It’s obviously composed of multiple parts that fit together seamlessly, and a couple of buttons look like they might do something. But let a friend fondle the plastic object, and they’ll likely fiddle with it for a while before they discover the Plinth’s awesome secret.


Our home broadband routers are somewhat primitive things; they’re connected to every wireless device in our home, and yet they do very little with them. Soap hopes to change that. It’s the world’s first “smart router” powered by Android, and it adds a whole host of clever functionality to what was once little more than a basic white box.

Soap lets you avoid hackers, hide your home Wi-Fi network, block online ads, and control all kinds of electronics around your home — including your garage door, your lights, and your locks.


Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform for creative projects, hit a major milestone today, when it officially racked up $1 billion in pledges.

According to the company’s statistics page, its $1 billion in total funds represents $859 million backing successful projects — with the $1 billion total referring to all projects, including those that are still in progress, or else which failed to reach their funding goal.

To date, there have been 57,121 successful Kickstarter projects — earning the company just under $43 million in the 5% cut that it takes of all successful projects.

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