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The release of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which is expected to take place on June 20, won’t bring a complete makeover to our Android devices; instead it will bring some optimizations and a few new features. However, with the release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, we should see a refresh to the look of the Android OS.

What they might be like is a mystery at the moment, but we can only hope it looks like this gorgeous concept.


Having a hard time connecting to the Internet on your Three smartphone this morning? You’re not the only one. The British carrier has confirmed that it is currently suffering a glitch that is affecting data services across the whole of the U.K., but it promises it is working to fix it.


This day was bound to come sooner or later, and finally, it has arrived. You no longer have to pull out your iPhone when you’re at work if you want to check your Instagram feed to see all your friend’s latest pictures. You can do it all on the web.

When you go to your page and sign in you’ll now see all the photos that would appear in your stream like it would if you were using a smartphone.

Pulse, the social-news aggregator for Android and iOS, has been updated to version 3.0, and it’s a doozy. On iOS, it’s been upgraded to a universal app, so no more separate versions on your different devices.

The developers behind the app have redesigned things, promising a better, more interactive interface, a ton of new features, and a prettier front end.

I knew there was a reason Dorothy and Toto wanted to go back to Kansas: Google Fiber. Google’s Fiber Project is set to go live in Kansas City and there about a million people currently considering packing up an moving because of it. I, myself, couldn’t be more jealous of what Kansas City is about to receive: the next generation of internet.