Pulse Social News Aggregator Updated With New Interface, Customization Tools

Pulse, the social-news aggregator for Android and iOS, has been updated to version 3.0, and it’s a doozy. On iOS, it’s been upgraded to a universal app, so no more separate versions on your different devices.

The developers behind the app have redesigned things, promising a better, more interactive interface, a ton of new features, and a prettier front end.

What’s in the new app? Well, unlimited pages for one thing. You can add as many new sources of news as you deisre; there’s no limit or page cap. The navigation system has been overhauled, as well, putting settings and news sources up front, and a swipe-to-reveal sidebar to make viewing your pages, profile, and saved stories all in one place.

You can now customize your pages with the new Edit button. Use the tools included at the top of the screen to reorder your news sources and rename your pages to make your experience truly yours. The new comprehensive search function brings in results from more sites, including Tumblr, Reddit, and Flickr, to access even more of the things you’re interested in right in the Pulse app.

The Android app has some exclusive stuff, too, including a redesigned Pulse widget for your home screen and improved notifications, which you can set to tell you about new stories every hour, every three hours, every six hours, or daily.

Seems like Pulse is continuing to bring its A game to the social news aggregator app scene, competing along with Flipboard in this crowded space. What do you think? Are these features enough to get you to use Pulse? Let us know in the comments below.