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Flickr for Android is now even more beautiful thanks to a major new update that’s rolling out via Google Play today. In addition to its new design, the app has been completely rebuilt to make taking, editing, and uploading your photos even easier.


Instagram today updated its Android app to introduce a long-awaited design refresh, with “simplified” visuals that match those made available to iOS users last September. The update also brings performance improvements that promise to make the app noticeably faster than before.


Has your smartphone’s battery life been draining unusually fast since you updated to Android 4.4.2 KitKat? It’s likely its camera is at fault. A nasty bug introduced in Google’s latest Android update can cause the camera app to continue running in the background after you’ve closed it, maxing out your handset’s CPU and eating up power.


Android hasn’t always been one of the prettiest mobile platforms, but thanks to the design changes Google has made in recent years, it is now. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some third-party Android apps.

Take Instagram, for example. It still looks like an exact port of Instagram’s iOS app from 2012, and it doesn’t make any efforts to follow Google’s “Holo” design guidelines for the more recent versions of Android. If it did, it could look pretty fantastic — as these fan-made mockups demonstrate.


UPDATE: Facebook has now confirmed auto-playing ads will rollout this week. See the update at the bottom of this post.

Facebook’s auto-playing video ads, which first appeared on iOS last week, will be seen by all users on all platforms later this week, The Wall Street Journal reports. You’ll see them on your desktop as well as your mobile devices, and they will play automatically as you scroll through your timeline.

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