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You no longer have to buy an HTC handset to get your hands on HTC apps and services. The Taiwanese company is opening up its software to third-party Android devices, starting with Zoe, a video sharing platform that hopes to compete with the likes of Instagram and Vine.


You now have a new place to upload your favorite pictures of your own face, thanks to Selfies, a new image sharing service from the creator of WordPress. It’s almost like Instagram, only photos of your dinner or your lattes or your cat aren’t welcome… unless they’re in front of your face.

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Meet Instagram 6.0.

Instagram’s pretty hefty upgrade for its official Android application started rolling out today. The update transports a plethora of new ‘creative tools,’ together with the usual multitude of additional bug fixes and speed optimizations.


Instagram addicts with a Sony SmartWatch 2 can now get comments and likes delivered directly to their wrists. Sony today released a new “Smart extension for Instagram” app that’s available for free from Google Play, and it provides instant Instagram alerts that you won’t need a smartphone to read.


When you buy a Samsung smartphone, you quickly discover that most of its internal storage is taken up by the TouchWiz operating system. That’s because it’s jam-packed with pre-installed apps and features that Samsung believes we all want — but how many of those apps actually get used?

Not many of them. According to data from Strategy Analytics, the average Galaxy smartphone user spends little time with Samsung’s own offerings, with the company’s most popular app getting just 3.9 minutes of use per month.

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