These are the apps killing your Android device’s performance

These apps are killing your Android smartphone's performance. Photo: AVG

These apps are killing your Android smartphone’s performance. Photo: AVG

It’s no surprise that some Android apps suck up more of your battery life than others, but others kill your performance in different ways. Here are the Android apps you should avoid if you want your battery to last all day and your Android phone running fast.

After some analysis, antivirus guru AVG came up with this list of the most egregious performance-killing apps, not just in how much battery life they suck up, but also how much storage space and mobile data they use.

The list is woefully unsurprising. Facebook, with its suite of apps, is one of the worst contenders. Other big names include Snapchat, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Instagram and — bizarrely — Words with Friends. How is Scrabble impacting performance and battery life this much? Easy. By starting up without telling the user.

You can check out the full AVG PDF Android App Report here. Basically, though, if you’re using a big-name app? Chances are, you’ll take a big-name performance hit.

Source: AVG

Via: Lifehacker