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Galaxy Core Advance_6

Samsung has today announced the new Galaxy Core Advance, a low-cost Android-powered smartphone that will be available “early next year.” The device packs entry-level specifications with a focus on emerging markets and budget-conscious consumers.

scout gps

The incredibly popular assistive GPS application, Scout, received a pretty nifty update yesterday, which brings users the ability to share their estimated time of arrival (ETA) in real-time with friends – providing they’re all members of the same communal group.


A pesky multitouch bug affecting the new Nexus 7 is no more, thanks to a new software update that is being rolled out by Google this week. There were concerns that the problem may have been related to hardware — given that it didn’t affect all Nexus 7 tablets — but the “JSS15J” release that’s being issued over-the-air promises to eliminate it.

It also addresses an issue with GPS sensitivity, too.

Play Maps Tablet View

Google recently revamped its Maps application, and although it looked great, it was missing one substantial feature that had been included in every other version of the app to date – the beloved scale bar. Now the team at Mountain View HQ have pushed out an update on Google Play for Maps, bringing back the measurement bar which allows you to see distances on a map.

It simply slots back together.

The new Nexus 7 has quickly become the hottest Android-powered tablet available, combining high-end specifications with a very attractive price tag. But the super slate hasn’t been without its fair share of problems since it went on sale late last month. In addition to a pesky GPS issue, it appears the device’s 1080p display doesn’t like multitouch input.

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