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Gameloft has announced that it has been forced to postpone the launch of Modern Combat 5 for Android and iOS until 2014 to “fully achieve [its] vision” for the game. The first-person shooter was first confirmed in an impressive teaser trailer back in June, and we initially expected it to be available before the end of the year.

Now we’ll have to wait a little longer.


The new Meltdown update for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, which first landed on iOS exactly a week ago, is now available to download on Android. The update delivers new maps, weapons, game modes, and more to the popular first-person shooter, and it’s completely free to those who already own the game.


Gameloft has today released a new teaser trailer for Modern Combat 4′s upcoming Meltdown update, which brings new maps, new weapons, new game modes, and more to the company’s popular first-person shooter. The update is coming to both Android and iOS, and it could be the last before Modern Combat 5 makes its debut.


This winter, a new console called the GamePop will allow you to play your favorite Android games on your high-definition television. But that’s not all you’ll be able to play. Creator Bluestacks has today announced that the GamePop will also run iOS games, and a number of big iOS developers have already signed up to support it.


Great news, FPS fans! Gameloft has today unveiled its first teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5, the next chapter in its hugely popular mobile shooter franchise. Check it out below.


Gameloft, in partnership with Mattel, has released a new version of its extremely popular UNO game that’s focused on online multiplayer. The new game is called UNO & Friends, and it provides users with customizable cross-platform muliplayer games that are are heaps of fun — and best of all, they are absolutely free to play.


Gameloft has today launched Blitz Brigade, a new online multiplayer game, on Android and iOS. It’s a class-based first-person shooter that’s clearly heavily influenced by Valve’s Team Fortress titles, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

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