The best Android apps and games: July 2014


Its the end of another month, which means its time for our monthly roundup of the best apps and games released on the Play Store. July was a particularly slow month in terms of unique apps and games landing on the Play Store.

Nevertheless, we have managed to find out quite a few new apps and games that you should definitely check out.



Commandr takes Voice Actions in Google Now to the next level by allowing users to perform certain basic system level tasks like toggling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. As a bonus, the app does not require an active internet connection and can work in offline mode as well.

Users will, however, have to install Tasker on your device for Commandr to work properly.

Below is the full list of voice commands supported by Commandr:

Command List (so far):
– Turn On/Off Wifi
– Turn On/Off Bluetooth
– Turn On/Off GPS (for some phones)
– Turn On/Off Cellular Data
– Pause Music
– Resume Music
– Next Song
– Previous Song
– Read Aloud Unread SMS
– Play Google Play Music playlist
– Chatbot to make Google Now one step closer to Siri
– Read Unread Gmail
– Raise/Lower Volume
– note (adds to note-taking app)
– Any Tasker command you can dream of!

The app does not require root access and can be installed on all Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Download: Commandr (IAPs)

Better Open With


One of the best features of Android is the ability to directly jump from one app to another and to set certain apps as default for a particular option. However, the default open with dialog box in Android is pretty lacklustre and only offers basic functionality.In comes Better Open With that will replace the stock open with dialog box in Android with the one that contains a lot of handy features.

For example, users can allow the Open With dialog box to show up for a few seconds before it automatically launches the default app for that task.

If you are currently annoyed with the open with dialog box in Android, definitely make sure to check out Better Open With.

Download: Better Open With (Free)



Want something like Snapchat for your shared files which auto-destruct after a certain time? In comes Digify, which will allow you to share your files from Dropbox with full control over who can access them and when the file should self-destruct itself. Users of shared file will be unable to download it, modify it or even take a screenshot and the original owner of the file will be automatically notified when you have opened the file.

Download: Digify (Free)



Heading out to meet a friend but unsure of his or her exact location? Jink tires to solve this problem by making location sharing a breeze with its simple and intuitive UI.

Apart from sharing their real-time location, Jink also allows users to send messages to each other. The app will also automatically stop sharing location once the users have met at their desired destination.

Download: Jink

Modern Combat 5: Blackout


Gameloft’s latest installment in its mobile first person shooter is easily among the biggest titles to be released on the Play Store this year. Modern Combat 5 pushes the boundary of mobile graphics on Android devices and features an extremely engaging story.

As a bonus, Gameloft has also included a dynamic multiplayer mode, in case the single player mode does not suit your taste. While the game is almost a must-have, make sure you have a controller at your disposal since the on-screen controls might not be to everyone’s liking.

You can read more about Modern Combat 5: Blackout here.

Download: Modern Combat 5 ($6.99)


Timberman is an old-school arcade style game where users have to chop timber from a really, really long tree and avoid its branches in the process. While the game is simple to play, it is extremely addictive (think: Flappy Birds level addiction).

Download: Timberman (IAPs)

Honorable mentions

  • Bamboo Paper: An excellent new app for taking handwritten notes, sketching or drawing.
  • Bolt: A new image sharing app from Instagram, which offers functionality that is similar to Snapchat. Currently crippled with its limited availability.
  • Journey: A beautiful new journaling app for Android with design cues taken from Android’s new Material Design guidelines.
  • Leo’s fortune: An award-winning platform adventure game, which was demoed by Google while unveiling Android TV at Google I/O.

Missed a great app or game released last month? Drop in a comment and let us know about it.