Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout lands on the Play Store


Gameloft’s latest installment for its Modern Combat series — Blackout — landed on the Play Store earlier today bringing some intense FPS action for all mobile gamers out there.

This time around, the game has a single player as well as a dynamic multiplayer campaign mode.

In the single player mode, you are put in the shoes of a solider who must take his squad and protect the world from cyber terrorists and a lunatic by making use of advanced customizable weapons and technology.

Gameloft has taken its time with Blackout and the game features stunning graphics that really pushes the boundary of what mobile devices can do. The on-screen controls might not be to everyone’s liking though. Gameloft has optimized the controls of Blackout for Nvidia’s Shield as well.

The best part, however, is the fact that the game does not feature any kind of IAPs (In-App Purchases). Simply purchase the game from the Play Store for $7 and you can play it without ever being nagged about any other in game transaction. Well worth the price, I’d say.

Download: Modern Combat 5: Blackout ($7)