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When Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy Note in 2011, a lot of people laughed. Heck, I know I did: I said at the time that Samsung’s ginormous new product was a rip-off of the Apple Newton.

However, with the iPhone 6 Plus landing on Friday, I’ll be the first person to admit that while I still think a 5.5-inch smartphone is ridiculous, a lot of people seem to want one.

So when Samsung releases an ad, serving up claim chowder to all the journalists like Mashable, Boy Genius Report, and the Wall Street Journal who laughed at the Note three years ago, I have to say, they have it coming to them. They were right!

Check out Samsung’s full ad after the jump, in which Samsung talks a little bit about the many useful things you can do with a larger display.

Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Screenshot: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.

Samsung has published another teaser video entitled “Expect Note” that hopes to excite Galaxy Note fans ahead of the company’s Unpacked event at IFA next week, where it will announce the latest addition to its phablet family. The one-minute clip again hints at a focus on handwriting and S Pen stylus improvements.


LG has officially announced the G3 Stylus ahead of IFA 2014. The new phablet is here to take on Samsung’s successful Galaxy Note series, and it looks almost identical to the flagship G3 — but it’s nowhere near as exciting internally. Those hoping for stellar specs might want to look away now.


Samsung has released a new teaser video for the Galaxy Note 4, which is all set to be unveiled next month at an Unpacked event on September 3rd at IFA.


Samsung may have all but confirmed its Galaxy Note 4 is coming on September 3, but the South Korean company hasn’t revealed its specifics just yet. That hasn’t stopped smartphone clone specialist Goophone from announcing its knockoff version, however.

The Goophone N4 looks like it could slot right into Samsung’s official Galaxy Note lineup, but its internal specifications are likely to fall well short of the real thing.

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