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LG is preparing a new wearable for launch this year — but it won’t be a new smartwatch or fitness tracker. Instead, it’ll be little more than a colorful stylus you can wear around your wrist.


The development team behind Replicant OS, an open-source operating system based on Android, have discovered a security flaw with Samsung devices that can provide remote access to your data. The “backdoor” is found in a whole bunch of Galaxy-branded handsets — including the Galaxy Nexus — running “most propriety Android systems.”


Evernote has updated its Android app to introduce handwriting recognition, allowing you to search all the notes and sketches you jot down with a fingertip or stylus. The latest release also deliver an enhanced note editor, a faster camera experience, and numerous bug fixes.

Galaxy Note 4 Feature

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is still quite a distance away from launch, but a new patent application by Samsung might have already given away part of the surprise. A new patent filing suggests the Korean manufacturer could introduce the ability to perform handwritten actions from the lock screen.

Optimus G Pro

LG has confirmed that it will be unveiling its new G Pro 2 smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. The original 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro made its U.S. debut last May as LG’s answer to large smartphones like the Galaxy Note, and it’s thought the G Pro 2 will be even bigger.

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