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Samsung Design

Samsung has just announced the arrival of a dedicated website which will show off the company’s design principles used across a wide range of products. This website will go live on the 27th of March and there’s even a video teaser telling us what to expect.


Instagram today updated its Android app to introduce a long-awaited design refresh, with “simplified” visuals that match those made available to iOS users last September. The update also brings performance improvements that promise to make the app noticeably faster than before.


Android hasn’t always been one of the prettiest mobile platforms, but thanks to the design changes Google has made in recent years, it is now. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some third-party Android apps.

Take Instagram, for example. It still looks like an exact port of Instagram’s iOS app from 2012, and it doesn’t make any efforts to follow Google’s “Holo” design guidelines for the more recent versions of Android. If it did, it could look pretty fantastic — as these fan-made mockups demonstrate.

Notice the larger speaker holes?

Notice the larger speaker holes?

Google has made some revisions to the design of its LG-made Nexus 5 handset, with subtle differences between those bought shortly after its launch and those manufactured more recently. The revisions address a number of issues that users had discovered with the original design, including loose buttons a protruding SIM trays.


Facebook is hard at work on delivering a much-needed redesign to its Android app, and we have an early glimpse at what the new design will look like thanks to these leaked screenshots. It’s much “flatter” and cleaner than the existing design — a lot like the new Facebook Messenger app — and it makes the app look much more likes its counterparts for iOS and Windows Phone.

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