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The Sisley is an iPhone 6 knockoff. Photo: Weibo

The Sisley is an iPhone 6 knockoff. Photo: Weibo

In an effort to make the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as thin and as light as possible, Apple made some sacrifices. Battery life — particularly on the smaller iPhone 6 — isn’t as good as it could have been, and the rear-facing iSight camera on both devices sticks right out. Could the Cupertino company have done a better job?

Lenovo seems to think so. Leaked pictures of its upcoming Sisley handset show a device that looks almost identical to the iPhone 6 — without the protruding camera and with slightly less unsightly antenna bands.


Google won’t just bring a fancy new look to Android L this fall; the Play Store will also be getting a Material Design makeover of its own. And you don’t have to wait months to see it because the screenshots below provide an unofficial sneak peek at the Play Store’s changes in advance — complete with big and beautiful content banners and a cleaner UI.


We’re anticipating some major changes and improvements to Android at Google I/O tomorrow. Google finally looks set to announce its long-awaited Android 5.0 upgrade, which is likely to include some substantial design changes, and lots of new features. The screenshots above could give us our first glimpse at the new update that’s currently known as Android “L.”


Last night, LG unveiled its flagship handset for 2014 — the LG G3. When it finally hits the shelves later next month, the G3 is bound to battle it out against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the Xperia Z2 for the best smartphone of the year crown.

Compared to its competition, the G3 does have some unique and innovative features up it sleeves that makes it the number one contender for the best smartphone of this year including a sexy design, the relative lack of bezel around its display and wireless charging.

Cooling off in a bowl of water.

Compared to the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s latest flagship comes with a number of major improvements — including a water-resistant IP67 form factor, a stellar 16-megapixel camera, great battery life, and a top-notch Super-AMOLED display.

However, the Galaxy S5 is far from perfect, and there are a number of issues that Samsung must improve next year with the Galaxy S6. We’ve compiled a list of the handset’s biggest weaknesses, based not only on our own experiences, but those of the community, too. If Samsung can fix these things next time around, the Galaxy S6 could be every smartphone owner’s dream.

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