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HTC has developed its own alternative to accessories like the Samsung S View cover and LG QuickWindow folio for the upcoming “All New HTC One.” The Taiwanese company’s new case sports dozens of tiny holes in its front cover that offer a peek at the time, the weather, and other handy information.

And the HTC leaks certainly don’t stop there today. A reliable source also promises that the new HTC One will also be available as a Google Play Edition device.


Samsung hasn’t officially announced its new accessory lineup for the upcoming Galaxy S5 yet, but they’re already available to pre-order from smartphone and accessory retailer MobileFun. The lineup includes a protective hard shell, S View covers with and without wireless charging, and Flip Wallet covers — all of which can be seen in the gallery below.


Apple has today had its request for a permanent injunction on Samsung’s patent-infringing products denied. The Cupertino company was awarded $929 million in damages, but it argued that the monetary sum was insufficient, and that a number of Samsung products should be banned.


Earlier today, we published leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC M8 — the second-generation HTC One. Until now, we’ve had no idea what the device will actually be named when it gets its unveiling this March, but according to one accessory manufacturer — which is already selling official HTC cases for the device — it’ll be the HTC One Plus.


We’ve seen more than enough iPhone cases with slots for credit cards, ID or cash. But the Push wallet phone case is the first one we’ve seen with a secret compartment that hides those valuables completely out of sight.

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