LG G5 cases reveal dual rear-facing cameras, new design details


The LG G5 looks good. Photo: Amazon

Cases prematurely listed on Amazon for the upcoming LG G5 all but confirm the device will pack dual rear-facing cameras and an all-new design.

LG has done away with its back-facing volume buttons in favor of a more traditional rocker located on the side of the device, but there is a fingerprint scanner situated beneath its camera sensors.

The G5 looks more like a premium Nexus 5X than an evolutionary upgrade to the G4, with what appears to be a plastic (could be metal), non-removable back that’s simple and smooth — a far cry from the G4’s stitched leather.

It carries the near edge-to-edge display we’ve come to expect from LG flagships, with a clean front that doesn’t even carry the LG logo. However, LG hasn’t removed its logo to make room for stereo front-facing speakers like on the Nexus 5X, unfortunately.

By far the biggest change here is the rear-facing camera setup, which consists of two sensors, one smaller than the other. Sony recently teased that many major players would be introducing dual rear-facing cameras this year, and it looks like LG could be the first.

That camera setup could open the gate to all kinds of nifty tricks, resulting in even better photos from the device you always have with you. It’s also combined with a dual LED flash, however, both lights appear to be the same color, pushing brightness rather than color accuracy.

The sensor located beneath the LED flash is likely for laser autofocus, which LG was first to introduce to smartphones with the G3 back in 2014. Since then, the technology has been adopted by many others, including Huawei and OnePlus.

The G5 certainly looks the part in these images, but LG’s software — which has put a lot of people off its devices in recent years — will need to be better in 2016 if it really wants to take on the Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, and everything else we’ll see this year.

LG will make the G5 official on February 21 at Mobile World Congress.