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With Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Google introduced a new Notification Listening API that allows third party apps to access all your notifications. This has allowed the developers of PushBullet to offer an extremely nifty option of mirroring all your notifications to your PC.


Google has confirmed that its latest Android camera API contains support for RAW images and burst mode, and that these features will be available to third-party developers in the future.

The company has also acknowledged the complaints about Nexus 5 camera performance, and it promises improvements are coming soon.


This winter, a new console called the GamePop will allow you to play your favorite Android games on your high-definition television. But that’s not all you’ll be able to play. Creator Bluestacks has today announced that the GamePop will also run iOS games, and a number of big iOS developers have already signed up to support it.


After bringing new features to its public Chrome browser for Android this week, Google has now updated its beta release to version 28. In addition to fullscreen support for tablets, the update brings Google Translate page translations, a new graph that displays estimated bandwidth savings when using the browser’s data compression feature, and more.


Just as the first prototype units are wending their way out to the initial lucky folks who get to use Google Glass before the rest of us, Google has posted its API for developers to start building apps for this latest wearable tech device.

In an out-of-character move for the Android operating system, Google is prohibiting developers from giving out their apps from anywhere but the official Google-hosted distribution channel. The company is also forbids anyone from adding advertisement or collecting any sort of fee to use said apps.

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