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Invites are not necessary on Black Friday. Photo: OnePlus

Invites are not necessary on Black Friday. Photo: OnePlus

The OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X are now on general sale for the next four days to celebrate Black Friday. That means you can go and order both devices without an invite — and pick up some official accessories with 10 percent off.


The Polaroid Snap can turn Instagram-like shots into prints without ink. Photo: Polaroid

The Polaroid Snap is a new 10-megapixel camera that instantly prints out photos you take without any ink. It works with ZINK paper that produces 2-inch-by-3-inch prints and essentially lets you keep physical copies of photos you’d put on Instagram and probably quickly forget about.

Believe it or not, it’s also pretty affordable.


The Tilt stand lets you use your smartphone without removing it. Photo: Tilt

It’s pretty difficult to use your smartphone while it’s standing vertically. That’s why when we place our phones on a dock or stand, we tend to neglect them until they’re done charging. Challenging this habit are the makers of the Tilt stand, who seem to think you should be able to use your phone while it’s getting juiced.


A sketch showing the HTC Volantis with its keyboard cover accessory. Source: Liam Spradlin/Android Police

There has always been a lack of official cases and accessories for Nexus devices from Google. This time though, it looks like the company is all set to unveil a barrage of accessories including a keyboard folio with its upcoming 9-inch tablet from HTC.

Samsung Headphones

A new leak has revealed Samsung’s plans to launch its own series of premium headphones. This leaked screenshot reveals a total of two full sized headphones and one in-ear headphone carrying a hefty price tag.

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