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A sketch showing the HTC Volantis with its keyboard cover accessory. Source: Liam Spradlin/Android Police

There has always been a lack of official cases and accessories for Nexus devices from Google. This time though, it looks like the company is all set to unveil a barrage of accessories including a keyboard folio with its upcoming 9-inch tablet from HTC.

Samsung Headphones

A new leak has revealed Samsung’s plans to launch its own series of premium headphones. This leaked screenshot reveals a total of two full sized headphones and one in-ear headphone carrying a hefty price tag.


Samsung hasn’t officially announced its new accessory lineup for the upcoming Galaxy S5 yet, but they’re already available to pre-order from smartphone and accessory retailer MobileFun. The lineup includes a protective hard shell, S View covers with and without wireless charging, and Flip Wallet covers — all of which can be seen in the gallery below.

HTC Double Dip Case

We know about the versatility of the Moto Maker tool which allows users to customize the Moto X down to every detail. What if such a customization was introduced to a smartphone case? That’s exactly what HTC has done with the new Double Dip case for the HTC One.


It was only just a few days ago that Motorola announced it would be offering a range of new cases for its already ultra-customizable Moto G smartphone, and now the hardshell cases and flip covers are available to purchase on the OEM’s website, with an estimated shipping date of this coming Monday, December 2. The shells are currently retailing at $14.99, whereas, the covers are on sale for the slightly higher, yet still affordable, price of $29.99.

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