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Complete online security doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Celo VPN brings together all the essential tools one looks for in a VPN: high speed connections, worldwide servers, data encryption, and the ability to bypass location-based censorship. Plus with no logs kept of your online activity, you can put your full trust in Celo for years to come.

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Bingo! Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Bingo! Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Google finally added podcast support to Play Music last week, but it’s currently only available to users in the United States. However, there is a quick and easy way to active this feature on Android and iOS in other countries.

Simply follow the steps below!


VPNGhost is proud to offer all the freedom and protection of a VPN, without the slowdown.

Connect to their protected servers in three simple steps, and surf the web without the threat of surveillance or hackers stealing your data. Plus with no geo-restrictions, you can finally access any site or streaming service anywhere in the world.


Connect through a VPN tunnel of your choice and forget about hackers, digital eavesdroppers, and government spies when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi at the airport or thumbing through your favorite social media site while in line for your morning coffee.

High-level encryption ensures you’ll put an end to incessant digital advertising, while IP cloaking lets you stream your favorite movies and shows no matter where you are. With Private Internet Access, the only gateways to the outside Internet are the ones you open.

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Among the top concerns for anybody who spends a lot of time on the computer are how to stay safe online, and how to stay on task.

This pair of awesome apps addresses both, with VPN Unlimited creating a private, protected link to the web, and To Do Checklist preserving your productivity. The best part: right now you can get both for just $39.

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