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Image: Sony.

Image: Sony.

Do you struggle to hear and understand what people are saying on the other end of the phone because they speak too fast? If so, you may be interested in today’s Pro Tip as it shows you how to use Sony’s Xperia Z2’s and Z3’s to slow-down the speech of the other calling party.


Three months after its global availability, Sony has finally put the Xperia Z2 on sale in the United States. The handset will not be sold via any carrier and instead interested consumers would have to buy it unlocked from Sony’s US web store. 


The first live pictures of Sony’s upcoming second-half flagship — the Xperia Z3 — have leaked online. The handset looks remarkably similar to the Z2 (and Z1) with only a few minor design tweaks here and there. 

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Do you own a Sony Xperia Z2 or are you thinking of getting your hands on one in the near future? If so, you may like to know that you can actually manage incoming calls without even having to touch its screen. ‘Smart Call Handling’ is on-board all Z2 devices and allows you to answer calls by bringing the phone to your ear, reject calls by shaking the handset and silence the ringer by placing the unit face down on a hard surface. Now that’s pretty cool.


Killian has already given you five reasons why you should choose the One M8 over the Galaxy S5, and vice versa. But while these devices were capturing all the media attention, I went ahead and got myself Sony’s latest flagship — the Xperia Z2.

I personally feel that the Xperia Z2 offers the right balance between the One M8’s design and Galaxy S5’s features — which makes it a better buy than both of them. In this piece, I’ll give you five reasons why you should spend your hard-earned cash on Sony’s latest flagship over any of its rivals.

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