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Madfinger Games announced a massive update to its flagship First Person Shooter (FPS) game on iOS and Android today. There are new maps, weapons, and game content, each of which was created directly from player feedback, including the new “friends” feature.

Rookie players now have a new Special Tutorial mode, while veterans will be glad to see new booster packs for speed, armor, damage, accuracy, and invisibility, along with several game optimizations, bug fixes, and new gamepad support.

Yup, I said “hats.”

Madfinger Games announced on its Facebook page today an update to multiplayer FPS game, Shadowgun: Deadzone on both Google Play and the iTunes App Store. The update includes two new maps, new weapon upgrades, a chat feature in the main menu, a new way to play with groups of friends called Gangs, new hats, Rewards for finishing Zone Control or DeathMatch, and an increase to max player ranks (up to 50).

Shadowgun fans have been waiting almost a year for the release of the multi-player version DeadZone and now it’s finally here… well, sort of. MadFinger Games has released a public beta version of the game onto the Google Play Store in order to polish up network code, find bugs, and improve the basic gameplay experience. However, it is only compatible with Tegra 3 devices.