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The future of war? Photo: Edge of Tomorrow, Warner Bros.

The future of war? Photo: Cult of Android/Edge of Tomorrow, Warner Bros.

Samsung works in a lot of areas besides smartphones and, according to a recently published patent, one of those could soon be… Edge of Tomorrow-style soldier exoskeletons?

As described, Samsung’s wearable robot would be affixed to the legs of a user, and would greatly enhance the strength of its puny human users by generating an auxiliary torque for assisting muscle power.

Well, at least this is one idea they probably didn’t borrow from Apple!


It takes no more than about 30 seconds to run a cloth over your smartphone or tablet display and free it from greasy fingerprints. But if you’re just too darn lazy to do that, check out this tiny little autonomous robot that does it for you. From Takara Tomy, the Automee-S is a 2.75-inch Roomba-like device that (slowly) makes its way around your smartphone or tablet display and gives it a good clean.