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You can just feel the snark.

Most of Apple senior executive Phil Schiller’s tweets are about music he likes, but today he decided to share a a new F-Secure report with his 67,000+ followers about the rise of Android malware. Schiller’s comment: “Be safe out there.”

iOS is widely considered the most secure consumer mobile platform in the world. And although it’s definitely susceptible to hacks, the amount of malware on iOS is a tiny blip on the radar (less than 1%) when compared with Android’s 79% lion’s share of mobile malware in 2012.

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Samsung has surpassed Apple as the world’s biggest buyer of semiconductors, according to Gartner. The Korean company’s hugely popular smartphones, such as the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, led to a 29% surge in chip purchases in 2012, taking its semiconductor spending past that of any other company.