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According to a leaked press render on a Chinese website, HTC is currently in the process of developing a scaled-down, more affordable variant of the One (M8), its flagship smartphone of 2014, which is expected to launch on Tuesday, June 3.


HTC is in the midst of pushing out its first major post-release update to all unlocked and carrier-branded variants of its current flagship smartphone, the One (M8), located in Europe. Weighing in at 66MB, this upgrade doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of added functionality, but it does include a handful of stability improvements all aimed at making a user’s experience better when using the handset.


Waterproof smartphones are all the fad these days with Samsung and Sony’s first half flagship for 2014 sporting an IP67 and IP58 rating, respectively. The only exception is the new One (M8) from HTC, which does not feature any kind of IP rating or at least that’s what the company has led us to believe until now.

Turns out, the HTC One (M8) has an IPX3 rating, as confirmed by Jeff Gordon, senior global communications manager at HTC.


As promised earlier this year, HTC is in the process rolling out the first batch of its eagerly-awaited Sense 6.0 over-the-air (OTA) update to all unlocked models of its former flagship smartphone, the One (M7), currently located in Canada. This upgrade also brings a few other major improvements, including a new camera app, enhanced BlinkFeed, Extreme Power Saving mode and a transparent status bar.


For a high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S5 feels a little… cheap. I absolutely love mine; it’s one of the best Android phones I’ve ever owned thanks to its super speedy processor, stunning display, and excellent 16-megapixel camera. But I choose to carry the HTC One M8 instead. It’s just as capable in almost every way, and its sleek aluminum form factor is a joy to hold.

Like many of its predecessors and siblings, the Galaxy S5 has received criticism for its plastic design, and now the man who oversaw it is moving on. Chang Dong-hoon, head of Samsung’s mobile design center, will be replaced by vice president of mobile design Lee Min-Hyuk.

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