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The Chameleon Launcher from Teknision gained a lot of attention when it first made its debut on Android tablets, and you’re one of those who has adopted it as your primary tablet launcher, you’ll be pleased to know it’s soon coming to your Android smartphone. Teknision has published a new demonstration video that showcases the upcoming smartphone launcher, alongside some new features that are on their way to Chameleon in the future.

One doesn’t see too many battery cases for the Galaxy S3. Unlike the glass-fortress iPhone — for which battery-cases are more numerous than species of bird — the S3’s battery is easily removable, somewhat lessening the usefulness of an external battery. But that didn’t stop iWalk from coming out with the Chameleon Easy, an impossibly sleek monster of a battery case with 2800 mAh on tap — which iWalk says is the highest capacity of any S3 battery to date.