Teknision Shows Off Upcoming Chameleon Launcher For Android Smartphones [Video]


The Chameleon Launcher from Teknision gained a lot of attention when it first made its debut on Android tablets, and you’re one of those who has adopted it as your primary tablet launcher, you’ll be pleased to know it’s soon coming to your Android smartphone. Teknision has published a new demonstration video that showcases the upcoming smartphone launcher, alongside some new features that are on their way to Chameleon in the future.

Despite the initial buzz about Chameleon, the launcher hasn’t quite been the must-have we were all anticipating. Its widget-centric user interface is handy and unique, but some would argue that it’s not all that pretty, and that it’s not suitable as a primary launcher. Some have also found that it’s not quite as smooth and as responsive as it could be.

Teknision continues to make improvements and introduce new features, however. An upcoming release will bring support for folders, and the ability to place apps in trays on the home screen — a feature many users have been missing. Even more exciting than that, however, is Chameleon for smartphones — demonstrated in the video below on the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the LG Nexus 4.

If you’ve already been using Chameleon on your tablet, the smartphone interface won’t be much of a surprise to you — it’s mostly just a scaled down version. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this one works in the real world, though.

Teknision has said that a public beta of Chameleon Launcher for smartphones will be released to its Kickstarter backers “in the near future.” The rest of us will presumably have to wait until it’s ready to hit Google Play.