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Lookin' good, Opera.

Lookin’ good, Opera.

In an internal video released today by web browser company, Opera, the initial programmer of the new concept showed off a beta of the new Opera browser scheduled to go live for iOS and Android in February of this year.

The video, posted on Pocket Lint, shows a browser that looks to redefine the typical mobile browsing experience, with icons instead of tabs and gestures instead of buttons. The focus is on the user and using rich web applications, like Google Maps.

The Dolphin browser is one of the most popular 3rd party browsers available and they are constantly adding new features to remain one step ahead of their competition. Today they have announced a couple of new add-ons that are sure to get Dolphin users excited. Teaming up with Evernote, Dolphin has added not only an Evernote add-on but also one for Skitch as well.