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Google Glass

Google has announced that it will open the sales of its Glass wearable to just about anyone on the 15th of April as part of its limited period promotion. So you will not need an invite from an existing Glass user to get the device on that day. You will still need the $1500 though.


iDrive has just announced a cool promotion for Android users where up to 100GB of cloud storage is being offered to customers for a meager $0.99 per year. This includes 50GB of backup of your device’s data including music, movies and practically anything that’s on your SD card. The remaining 50GB is reserved for syncing between devices, which will let you access your files from anywhere, much like DropBox or Google Drive.


Researchers at the Newcastle University were given five pairs of Google Glass to test it out with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease in a medical trial so as to make their lives simpler. This will include reminders at regular intervals and some visual cues to keep the brain flowing.

T-Mobile Logo

America’s fourth largest carrier has just announced a super cheap Simple Starter plan for consumers not looking to spend a lot in monthly rentals. Starting at $40, users get unlimited voice minutes, texts and 500MB of 4G LTE data.

Gear 2

A new revelation has spilled the beans on the hardware powering the Samsung Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo smartwatches. It has been confirmed that the two new wearable devices come with a dual core Exynos 3250 chipset under the hood clocked at 1 GHz. This is in comparison to the 800 MHz chip found in the Galaxy Gear from last September.

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