Google Glass Trial In The UK Aims To Make Lives Of Parkinson’s Patients Easier


Researchers at the Newcastle University were given five pairs of Google Glass to test it out with people suffering from Parkinson’s disease in a medical trial so as to make their lives simpler. This will include reminders at regular intervals and some visual cues to keep the brain flowing.

While there has been plenty of debate on whether Glass can be used as a consumer product, its uses in the medical sector cannot be ignored. We’ve seen surgeons using Google Glass to give a real time feedback of the procedure and this new trial in the UK is certainly a step in the right direction.

Thanks to the open source nature of Glass, developers can also come up with specific apps to tailor the needs of the patients.

Researchers believe that this is still in its early stages although they have seen positive results so far. There is still a lot more Glass can do and the folks at Newcastle University will explore those options. Check out the video embedded below to understand how the researchers in the Newcastle University are leveraging Glass to make Parkinson’s sufferers more independent.