iDrive Offering 100GB Of Cloud Storage For Just $0.99 Per Year For Android Users


iDrive has just announced a cool promotion for Android users where up to 100GB of cloud storage is being offered to customers for a meager $0.99 per year. This includes 50GB of backup of your device’s data including music, movies and practically anything that’s on your SD card. The remaining 50GB is reserved for syncing between devices, which will let you access your files from anywhere, much like DropBox or Google Drive.

Data on iDrive is 256-bit AES encrypted, so users can be assured of security. This new offer is being offered specifically for Android users, but iOS users who have already bought storage can transfer it to their Android device as well.

With cloud storage services getting increasingly competitive, it’s imperative for a relatively unknown service to stand out in order to garner attention from the consumers.

New customers will get 5GB of free storage for signing up to iDrive and another 500MB of storage for simply installing the app. So if you’ve never tried the service before, now might be the right time to do so.