Temple Run Updated: You Can Finally Complete That Interior Decorator Objective

Temple Run has seen much success since being launched on Android and the developers have been doing a great job at keeping the app updated and fixing any bugs that arise. Today they released another update, this time not only squashing a few bugs, but also adding the much anticipated Temple Run wallpapers. It’s not so much the wallpapers we’re excited about but the fact that we can now move forward with completing the Interior Decorator objective we’ve been hung up on.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Temple Run and its endless running gameplay and now that I’m able to complete the wallpaper objective, I’m left with the ridiculous task of trying to score 10 million points (I’ll get it one of these days). How about you guys, what objective are you currently working on? To grab the latest update or get in on the Temple Run fun, hit the Google Play Store link below.

Google Play Store Link | Temple Run