Friday The 13th Strikes The Googleplex, Turns Building 44 Into Crystal Lake [Video]

Friday the 13th has long been viewed as an unlucky day in America, so much so that one of America’s top grossing horror franchises was named after the superstitious day. While many people are quick to disregard such mumbo jumbo, I’m betting a few Google employees are now believers. It appears Friday the 13th has struck the Googleplex, and after some late night rain, has turned building 44 into Camp Crystal Lake. Rising from the depths of Crystal Lake is the left-for-dead Eclair, hellbent on enacting revenge upon his fellow fun-loving desserts. After a couple attempts to take out Gingerbread, Eclair is finally stopped by a few brave Google employees willing to get their feet wet. All-in-all it was a one-of-a-kind day at Google — let’s hope they never release a sequel.