Nothing quite brightens my day like a good ol’ Apple spoof, and believe me, there’s no shortage of those. We all had a good laugh when Apple announced the iPad Mini. The way they kept a straight face as they tried to convince their devout to empty their wallets for a two-year piece of tech, was absolutely priceless. While Apple tried to put as positive of a spin on the product as possible, nothing quite tells the truth like this banned iPad Mini Promo.

We’ve seen those parody videos about the “shit Apple fanatics say,” but what about the Android fanatics? Yep, there’s one one those too. If you have an Android fanatic for a friend or happen to be one yourself, there’s a good chance you’ve heard or spoken a few of these beauties.

I bet you weren’t aware of the real reason why Batman couldn’t save Rachael in The Dark Knight or why Katniss had a bit of trouble finding the Cornucopia in Hunger Games? What if I told you it was all Apple’s fault? Well it is! Don’t believe me? We’ve uncovered the deleted scenes to prove it.


If you thought you had seen your last Apple Maps parody, think again. Mad Magazine, a purveyor of satire, has joined in on the fun with its latest parody of The New Yorker featuring Apple Maps. It’s starting to look like Mapgate will remain a staple of satire much longer than the once hilarious Antennagate saga.

We all knew this was coming. It was only a matter of time before Hitler found out about Apple’s new iOS 6 Maps. As you may have already guessed, der Führer isn’t all that happy with the new service and is quite irate over the fact that his house is listed as a fountain in Austria.

Watch the hilarity unfold as Hitler is informed that a Google Maps app has yet to be approved and his army is officially all out of 30-pin connectors.

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