Grab Sony’s New SmartWatch For $117.99 From Expansys USA [Deal Alert]

Sony’s new SmartWatch launched yesterday and had a brief “out of stock” moment. All is well now on the Sony site but you may want to skip the $149.99 price they’re charging for the slightly less painful $117.99 deal being offered by Expansys USA.

The Expansys deal puts me one step closer to a possible purchase, but I still can’t seem to make the jump. Perhaps if it comes down another $20 I’ll pick one up. It’s a neat device with mixed reviews and a not-so-great history (nevermind the fact that my device isn’t in the “Confirmed Compatibility” list). This little guy connects with Android 2.1+ devices via Bluetooth and is a simple and convenient way to check text messages, emails, as well as a slew of other things.

If you were considering picking up Sony’s new SmartWatch, I’d hop on this deal while it’s still available. If you decide to pick one up, come back and let us know what you think of this somewhat “novelty” tech device.