Spacetime Studios Launches Its Blood Thirsty MMO Dark Legends On Android

Spacetime Studios, the guys behind Pocket Legends and Star Legends, have released their latest MMO, and yes, it ends with the word “Legends.” The “Legends” series are certainly one of the most popular mobile MMOs to ever launch and Spacetime Studio’s cross-platform model has been an industry leader. Dark Legends continues this model and is the first MMO to launch simultaneously on mobile and desktop platforms. Interestingly enough, Spacetime Studios has opted to launch Dark Legends on Android before iOS, ending a trend long held by the majority of developers. While this could be seen as a victory for the Android platform, I’m still a strong advocate of simultaneous releases (especially when it comes to cross-platform games).

Dark Legends is a blood thirsty MMO full of secret societies, hordes of undead, werewolves, demons and revengeful humans. You’ll play as one of the undead in a vicious quest to protect yourself and the Vampire Nation from the rising armies of mankind. As with all of Spacetime Studios titles, the game will cost you nothing but will include in-app currency in which to purchase levels, equipment, and other in-game items.

If you’d like to join the Vampire Nation in their quest for survival, hit up the Google Play link below and join the dark world that is Dark Legends.

Google Play Store Link | Dark Legends