LogMeIn Launches Dropbox Competitor Called Cubby

LogMeIn has launched a new cloud-based storage, syncing, and sharing service that hopes to compete with services like Dropbox, Box.net, and the upcoming Google Drive. Called ‘Cubby’, the service offers 5GB of free storage which is protected by LogMeIn’s 128-bit SSL encryption, and it can be accessed from a web browser or using the official Cubby apps for Android and iOS.

Cubby is “a place for all your digital stuff,” LogMeIn says. Simply turn any folder on your computer into a “cubby” and you can access it from anywhere. This allows you to share documents between your computers and mobile devices while keeping them all in sync. You can start writing up a letter on your Mac at home, then finish it on your iPad on the train into work.

Some of Cubby’s highlights include:

  • Any folder can be a cubby – People can simply use the folders they have – their existing PC or Mac folders – or they can take advantage of a simple, easy-to-use default cubby. There’s no need to put files and documents into a single cloud folder/box, and no need to recreate existing folders.
  • Share your stuff across devices for free, cloud optional – People can share their stuff across their devices for free, without being restricted by cloud data storage limitations. Cubbies can be stored to the cloud or simply synced across devices.
  • Decide what content gets shared across which devices – Any cubby and its content can be synced to selected devices. So people can keep their work, personal and family information as separate as they’d like. No need to have those family holiday photos on your work PC or a copy of the latest TPS report from the office on your kid’s Macbook.
  • Multiple ways to share and collaborate with others – Cubbies and their content can be shared with others either by inviting them into a cubby, which lets both parties see, work with, and sync content; or they can simply send people read-only links to files and cubbies.
  • Simple access from anywhere, any device – Cubby can be accessed from any web browser, comes standard with Mac and PC desktop apps, and offers a free iPad and iPhone app in the Apple App Store and a free Android app in Google Play.
  • Architected for security – Built on the same architecture used for LogMeIn’s connectivity products, Cubby takes advantage of industry best encryption standards to ensure data is protected at all times.  As a key additional step, Cubby is designed in a way that gives users the ability to be the sole owner and holder of their encryption keys.

While Cubby is still in beta, you’ll need to request an invite to try out the service. But its mobile apps are already available, so you can begin using them as soon as you have your invite.