Face(Inst)agram Update Adds Support For The HTC One X, Fixes A Few Bugs, And More

The billion dollar app has received yet another update. This time around, InstFaceagram has improved its support for Tegra 3 devices, fixed a few bugs, and increased device support for Instagram built-in camera and filters, including the new HTC One X. I’m not going to lie, I’m surprised they’re still pushing out updates this quickly — you know, being billionaires and all.

Either way, this is great news for HTC One X users looking to take their pictures to the next hipster level. Looks like there will be more Android users crashing the once iOS exclusive club and I could’t be happier. Hit up the link below to grab the update or to become a club member — don’t worry, we won’t judge you, or your filtered fish photos.

Google Play Store Link | InstFaceagram