Control The Volume Of The Crappy Movie Your Watching On Netflix Thanks To Latest App Update

Users of the Netflix app for Android will now have better control over the volume of the crappy movie they’re watching on Netflix. Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh, but as well all know, Netflix doesn’t exactly have the best selection of movies. However, it has been great for my kids, so I’m thankful for that. Today’s update brings an improved UI for volume control functions, stability fixes, and a few bug fixes as well.

With smartphone displays getting larger by the day (and more brilliant) and tablet displays hitting 13.3-inches, watching movies on our mobile devices may actually become enjoyable. Netflix should play a large part in the future of our movie streaming experience so the more updates the better. Let’s just hope they can iron out some deals to get us better content.

To download the latest version of Netflix for Android, simply follow the Google Play Store link below.

Google Play Store Link | Netflix