Tumblr For Android Receives UI Overhaul In Latest Update

Calling all Tumblrs… Tumblrers… Tumblrites… Tumblrees? Whatever you call yourselves, your favorite (or soon-to-be- favorite) Tumblr app for Android just received a nice update. Users will be pleased at the completely new UI that is both smooth and functional. It’s a refreshing change that also brings:

  • More responsive, faster-loading dashboard and blogs
  • Better photo browsing
  • Notifications for multiple blogs live in one place
  • Tumblr Radar!

For those wondering what Tumblr is, it’s essentially another blog/social network for you to share, well… just about anything. If you’d like to learn more about Tumblr or simply want to grab the update, hit the link below and get your microblogging on.

Google Play Store Link | Tumblr