Take a free virtual vacation with Escher-inspired puzzle game Monument Valley 2

The original Monument Valley was a huge hit in 2014, and its 2017 sequel carried on the legacy. ustwo Games has now made the iOS and Android versions of Monument Valley 2 free for a short time, a move the developers call a virtual hug.

“There are times when we just need a hug. So here is a virtual one from us… We’ve made Monument Valley 2 free on the App store and Google Play for a little while!” said ustwo Games on Twitter.

Enjoy getting lost for hours in Monument Valley 2

This game plays with the laws of perspective, and always draws comparisons to the impossible landscapes of M.C. Escher.

Players control a protagonist as she walks through a set of puzzles. Getting her to her destination requires correct manipulation of walkways and stairways, most of which sneer at the laws of perspective.

Get more details in the Cult of Mac review of Monument Valley 2. Or just download the game and start playing. It’s available at no charge now on the iPhone/iPad App Store as well as Google Play. But don’t wait — this is a short-term deal.

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