Verizon’s new Yahoo Mobile phone service boasts $40 unlimited data

A phone service Verizon launched today offers iPhone and Androids unlimited data for $39.99, including tethering. That’s significantly less than the cost of this carrier’s regular unlimited plan.

But, of course, there are limitations in the new service, dubbed Yahoo Mobile.

Unlimited iPhone service on the cheap

“With the launch of Yahoo Mobile, we are continuing to evolve our business by bringing a new, personalized Yahoo experience to the market that feeds our users’ passions, and also attracts new audiences,” said Guru Gowrappan, CEO of Verizon Media.

The new service promises unlimited text, talk and data. There’s no throttling — a permanent limitation in data transfer speeds. But, as Verizon warns, “in times of traffic, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.”

And Yahoo Mobile comes with unlimited tethering, allowing an iPhone or Android to be used as a mobile hotspot for another computer. But this does come with a permanent limitation in speed: it won’t go faster than 5 Mbps.

This service uses only Verizon’s 4G LTE network, not 5G. But it includes Yahoo Mail Pro.

Yahoo Mobile vs. Verizon

For comparison, the least expensive standard Verizon unlimited plan is $70 a month. It comes with the same warning that this service has a lower data priority that others. Still, there are some bonuses thrown in, like a free 6 month subscription to Apple Music as well a year of free Disney+.

Yahoo Mobile is available in the U.S. today on iOS and Android. Get more information by visiting

Once a giant of the Internet, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon back in 2017. It then became part of Verizon Media, along with AOL.

Source: Verizon