Missile Command: Recharged brings nuclear-armed nostalgia to your iPhone

An updated version of the arcade classic Missile Command is headed for phones and tablets.. Kids of the 1980s grew up defending cities from incoming nuclear missiles, and soon they’ll be able to relive the action in a new release from Atari.

For real nostalgia, an augmented reality mode will project your gameplay to a virtual arcade cabinet.

Missile Command: Recharged harks way back to 1980

“Fans can expect the familiar and addictive missile-destroying gameplay but with modern mechanics optimized for touch-screen devices,” said Tony Chien, VP of Marketing for Atari. “Missile Command: Recharged is a perfect pick-up-and-play title for short high-intensity gameplay sessions.”

This is the 40th anniversary of the original. For those who never slipped a quarter into an arcade console, players must launch counter-missiles to defend their bases to blast an endless barrage of missiles falling from the sky.

The new version will includes powerups that give an edge at critical moments.

Missile Command: Recharged launches on the App Store and Google Play on March 26. It will be free with ads, or an optional one-time purchase will remove the advertisements.

This isn’t the Atari classic on the App Store. There’s Breakout: Boost, too. And anyone feeling nostalgic should miss the new Tetris version.

Source: Atari