Moment drops Android camera app to focus exclusively on iOS

Smartphone lens-maker Moment will develop photo and video apps exclusively for iPhone, after the company said Monday it will discontinue the Android version of its popular Pro Camera app.

Moment, known for its high-quality lenses, bailed on Android because it does not have the “engineering bandwidth” to keep up with the various camera systems among Android brands. The Pro Camera app continues on iOS.

“The short [story] is that phone makers like to create their own flavor of Android, each with different amounts of access to select camera features,” Moment said in a statement published in the help section of its website. “The result has been a random compatibility list where each phone has different features in the app by phone model. The problem only gets worse every time a new version of Android comes out because it breaks the custom modifications these phone makers have made with their phones.’’

The Pro Camera app gives mobile content creators control over a host of settings that can refine the quality of videos and still images.

Moment said it will continue to develop more IOS apps “as (Apple’s) platform is more robust and allows us to work on cool new features that customers are asking for.”

Last week, Moment released Rtro, an iPhone-only app that gives filmmakers a variety of vintage looks.

Moment’s decision to drop the Android app will likely have no bearing on its line of lens mount cases for OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel handsets.

Source: PetaPixel