Samsung’s new Galaxy S11 will bring fight to iPhone in February

Samsung has issued invitations for an “Unpacked” event on February 11 when it will reveal its new Galaxy S11 lineup.

Recent rumors have suggested even better cameras will be the handset’s main selling point. iPhone 11 Pro overtook Samsung devices in DxOMark camera rankings last fall, but its time in the top four may be short-lived.

Samsung remains Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone industry, with 78.4 million units shipped (versus Apple’s 44.8 million) during the third quarter of 2019. The South Korean company has also been enjoying stronger growth.

That’s likely to continue in early 2020 as Samsung introduces its next-generation Galaxy lineup. The Galaxy S11 is expected to come with a number of notable advantages over iPhone.

Galaxy S11 arrives on February 11

Rumors have hinted at big camera upgrades for the Galaxy S11, which some have claimed may actually be named the “Galaxy S20.” The device is expected to be one of the first smartphones with 8K video recording.

The new Galaxy will carry 120Hz displays, sources say. Apple already offers these in iPad Pro, but the faster refresh rate is yet to make its way to the iPhone lineup. Rumor has it that will happen this fall.

The Asus ROG Phone 2 is the only other smartphone that currently offers a 120Hz display. The latest handsets from OnePlus and Google can deliver up to 90Hz.

Samsung fans can also look forward to faster chips.

What does this mean for iPhone?

Apple won’t be too worried about the Galaxy S11 (or whatever Samsung calls it) eating into iPhone sales. But it may be a little concerned that the devices will overtake iPhone 11 in camera performance.

The latest rankings from DxOMark put the iPhone 11 Pro Max in fourth position behind handsets from Huawei and Xiaomi. The Galaxy S10 sits in ninth, though the Galaxy Note 10 takes fifth position.

Apple has put a great deal of effort into promoting iPhone’s cameras this cycle. After falling behind rivals like Google and Samsung in recent years, its newest lineup is a significantly better competitor in photography and video.