Fortnite’s brand-new Battle Lab lets you decide the rules

Fortnite’s newest update is out with a brand-new Battle Lab that lets you create the rules for your own Battle Royale matches.

You can select from your favorite limited-time game (LTM) pools, set up custom combat scenarios, and specify your own settings. The version 11.31 update also brings a bunch of bug fixes across all platforms.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale updates have been a little uneventful this season. The company has focused on ironing out longstanding issues and complaints, rather than making significant changes every week.

But there have been some big additions here and there — and the brand-new Battle Lab is one of them.

Dive in to Fortnite’s new Battle Lab

Fortnite already has Playground and Creative modes, in which you can practice your skills and even build your own islands and game modes. But the new Battle Lab is a little different.

The Battle Lab uses the same island you’re used to seeing in Battle Royale, but it lets you decide the game rules. You can pick your favorite LTM rules and work up from there if you like, or start from scratch.

You can also use the Bot Grenades to create custom combat scenarios, and decide your own settings for things like gravity and fall damage. When you’re done, you can fill your game with up to 15 friends.

If you’re friends aren’t available to play, you can also matchmake with default options in a public Battle Lab.

11.31 bug fixes

There are lots of bug fixes to look forward to in this update, too. They include:

  • Improvements to FPS drops and “hitching” on mobile devices.
  • Fixed fire/build button disappearing on mobile when glider redeploy button is displayed.
  • Resolved issue that prevented players from exiting the HUD Layout Tool on mobile.
  • Resolved an issue that displayed the edit button on enemy structures.
  • “Eliminations without aiming down sights” challenge now tracks progress properly.

For the complete patch notes, check out the official Fortnite blog. If you’d rather just dive in and enjoy the changes, you can go ahead and download the version 11.31 update across all platforms now.