Winter update will bring the holidays to Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s next update will help racers get into the holiday spirit with “a flurry of fun.”

Its upcoming winter tour will bring the snow-covered DK Pass track from Mario Kart DS, plus a number of festive unlockables. You’ll be able to enjoy it starting tomorrow, November 19.

Mario Kart Tour has already seen a number of big updates since it made its debut in late September. It has taken us to Paris, introduced creepy characters for Halloween, and more.

These frequent additions have helped make Mario Kart one of Nintendo’s most successful mobile games to date. It attracted an incredible 123.9 million downloads during its first month alone.

That success means we can expect more of the same going forward. The game’s next update will kick off the first winter tour ahead of the holidays.

Mario Kart Tour promises ‘a flurry of fun’

“What’s that outside? Has it started snowing already?” reads a tweet from the official Mario Kart Tour account. “That can only mean one thing… the next tour is the Winter tour!”

“Bust out your snow tires and ready your chains for a flurry of fun starting 11/9 at 10pm PT!”

We know the update will bring the DK Pass track from Mario Kart DS. It takes place on a snowy mountain and is littered with snowmen, Christmas trees, and giant snowballs you’ll need to avoid.

The update will also bring new themed unlockables. We’ll have to wait until it drops to find out exactly what’s in store.

Multiplayer coming soon

Many Mario Kart Tour fans will be more excited for the game’s multiplayer update. It will allow racers to compete against each other online for the first time.

Nintendo has already confirmed multiplayer is coming in December. But it will initially launch in beta, available only to those who pay for the Gold Pass priced at $4.99 a month.