You can shop inside WhatsApp, just in time for Black Friday

WhatsApp today added the ability to shop without leaving the app — just in time for Black Friday.

Its new Catalogs feature provides virtual storefronts for small businesses. It lets them showcase their latest products, and it’s especially handy for those that don’t run their own websites.

Online shopping couldn’t be easier, but a lot of small business don’t have online storefronts. They can be pricey, which means they’re not always viable if you’re only moving small amounts of stock.

That’s why WhatsApp is making it easier for small businesses to showcase their products. Its new Catalogs feature lets you browse what’s on offer and place an order without leaving the app.

WhatsApp makes buying from small business easy

Businesses can use the Catalogs feature to build up a virtual storefront that contains all the products and services they offer. They can add photos, descriptions, prices, and more.

The listings can even contain SKU numbers, so it’s easy for businesses to keep track of what they’re selling. And if they do have a website, they can add a link to that, too.

Customers can browse these virtual storefronts from inside the regular WhatsApp app, then contact the seller directly to place an order.

Shop with WhatsApp today

Catalogs are available today in a bunch of markets, including the U.S. and the U.K. — just in time for Black Friday and the holidays. WhatsApp says it will rollout worldwide in the near future.

To set up your own Catalog, simply download the latest version of the WhatsApp Business app today.