Samsung steals iPhone’s ‘slofies’ in latest Android update

Samsung has stolen one of the iPhone’s newest features in record time. Its latest Android 10 update adds the ability to shoot “slofies,” or slow-motion selfies, with a front-facing camera.

Apple made a big deal out of slofies during its big iPhone 11 event in September. It’s the first time the company has allowed slo-mo recording with its front-facing iPhone cameras.

Some of Samsung’s most recent smartphones are capable of doing the same, apparently. But the South Korean company seemingly didn’t think about offering it until Apple got there first.

Samsung adds slofie support in Android 10

Slow-motion selfie support is baked into Samsung’s Android 10 update, which is currently in beta for the Galaxy S10 lineup. And it works exactly as it does on iPhone.

Simply switch to the front-facing camera and activate the slow-motion mode, and you’re ready to start shooting.

SamMobile reports “you don’t get any customization options,” like the ability to change the frame rate. That’s also the case on iPhone, which captures slofies at 120 fps only.

In need of some polish

Samsung’s slofie mode is said to come with “a bit of jitter” in its current form. But it’s worth remembering this is a beta, and it’s likely to improve before Android 10 rolls out to all.

The update brings a whole host of other features and improvements to Samsung devices. It’s not yet clear when it will be out of beta and available to everyone.