Fortnite has reached ‘the end’, but your unlocks and V-Bucks are safe

“The end” has come for Fortnite Battle Royale. A massive in-game event on Sunday sucked the entire world as we know it into a black hole. And almost 24 hours later, there is quite literally nothing.

But don’t worry; all your Fortnite unlocks and V-Bucks are safe. They will still be there when the game returns for season 11 — whenever that might be.

Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet, with millions of fans signing in each and every day across console, PC, and mobile to take part in a game of Battle Royale.

But for the first time in the game’s history, it has been down for almost 24 hours — and it’s completely intentional. Epic Games warned us “the end” was coming, and it wasn’t kidding.

Fortnite is dead … for now.

What happened to Fortnite and the black hole?

After everything was sucked into a black hole, Fortnite has all but ceased to exist. You can try logging into the game today, but you’ll get sucked into that black hole again. And that’s all you’ll get.

And it goes even further than that. Epic has deleted all posts from its Fortnite accounts on social media, and the Fortnite categories on Twitch and Mixer have vanished.

The only thing left is an official Epic stream of that black hole, which is still being watched by tens of thousands of Fortnite fans, despite doing very little in almost a day.

When will Fortnite return?

What does this mean? Well, no one really knows yet. Epic is yet to make any kind of a statement since Sunday’s event. We have no idea when Battle Royale is expected to return.

One thing we can be sure of is that season 11, when it finally arrives, will be huge. With everything gone, it seems Epic is preparing to deliver a brand new version of the game this week.

That will almost certainly include a brand-new map, new storylines, and new weapons and items. Gameplay will likely be almost identical, but everything else will change.

What about cosmetics and V-Bucks?

Players who have dumped a lot of money into Fortnite over the past two years are understandably concerned that all that might be gone now. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Although we’ve heard nothing from Epic yet, Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that our existing cosmetics and V-Bucks will still be there when Fortnite finally makes its comeback.

We’re hoping that will happen sooner rather than later, but some reports have suggested the game may be down until Thursday. All we can do for now is wait for something to happen.