Samsung Galaxy Fold’s latest issue? Not-so-sticky stickers

Samsung fans have run into yet another issue with the Galaxy Fold. It seems the South Korean company’s shiny logo, stuck onto the side of the $2,000 device, has started falling off on at least one unit.

It now looks like it was made by “Smsng.”

The Galaxy Fold has become the most exciting device or 2019 so far. It’s an interesting glimpse of what smartphones of the future might look like — even to those who aren’t Android users.

But the Fold hasn’t been without its faults. The device made headlines when early units started breaking on day one. And other, less so serious issues have arisen since the Fold finally went on sale.

Samsung logo slides off Galaxy Fold

The latest concerns its Samsung logo, which sits on the phone’s hinge. It is engraved into the metal frame, then finished with iridescent stickers that make the Samsung name glisten in the light.

But for at least one Fold owner, those stickers have started dropping off.

The “A” and “U” on Twitter user @KurbysS’ handset have made a run for it mere weeks after the Fold made its debut, suggesting the rest of the logo probably won’t be sticking around for too long.

It’s not clear if other Fold owners have encountered this problem. But it appears @KirbysS is the only one to have documented the issue on social media so far.

Foldable phones a work in progress

You might argue this is an insignificant issue. It doesn’t affect operation of the Fold in any way. But when you pay a hair under $2,000 for a new phone, this isn’t the kind of quality you expect.

It’s further proof that the Fold is still a work in progress. It’s a fascinating taste of the future, but it’s not ready for everyone yet. Better luck next time, Samsung.

Via: SamMobile