Fortnite update drops as season 11 gets delayed

This week’s Fortnite patch is out with new overtime missions and some welcome bug fixes. But there’s disappointing news for Battle Royale fans, with the launch of season 11 delayed by one week.

It’s not a particularly great week for Fortnite players. The version 10.40.1 patch is pretty unexciting if you don’t play on Nintendo Switch.

There are new challenges … but they’re not active yet. There’s a new weapon … but we’ve seen it before. There is one snippet of good news, however.

Fortnite 10.40.1 out now

The new challenges are the Out of Time overtime missions for players who have completed all of season 10’s challenges. They come with a whole bunch of new rewards, including cosmetics.

You’ll need to wait until Tuesday, October 8 for the Out of Time missions to be activated. In the meantime, you can enjoy using the flint-knock pistol once again in Battle Royale.

Other changes for this week include some significant performance improvements for Switch players. Epic says they should reduce hitching and improve frame rate in heavy scenes.

Fortnite season 11 delayed

We were expecting season 10’s overtime challenges to go live today, but there’s a disappointing reason why we have to wait. Epic today delayed the launch of season 11 by one more week.

Season 11 will now launch on October 14 instead of October 8. The good news is you have more time to buy the Batman Caped Crusader pack, and enjoy Gotham City in-game.